Are you asking yourself
what positive forces your company can unleash – now and in 2030?

Are you asking yourself
on which of today’s decisions you’ll measure yourself in 2030?

Are you asking yourself
how to make sustainability an undeniable factor in operative decisionmaking?


We provide clarity

With Impact First Entrepreneurship, we bring the future economy within reach. To do this, we show ways in which companies can operate profitably within planetary boundaries while respecting human needs. We accompany companies in taking their path to the future economy. And we support investors in deciding where to invest and how to transform their portfolio companies.


Impact First Entrepreneurship

Impact first turns Profit first on its head.

Impact first means operating in an ecologically safe and socially just manner, while, of course, being economically successful. How is that done? That’s what we work with our partners to define along an established methodology; specifically tailored to their company and on a normative, strategic and operational level. In doing so, we focus on specific entrepreneurial decisions on all three levels. Decisions that determine a company’s impact on the world and its own future viability. 

Define your starting point.

Overview Nachhaltigkeit

Understand which sustainability topics are important and urgent (incl. CSRD compliant, double materiality assessment)

We carry out your materiality analysis pragmatically, CSRD-compliant and with reference to strategy. We find out which sustainability aspects are important and urgent for you along your value chain and why (e.g., biodiversity, discrimination, lobbying). Applying the concept of "double materiality", we consider the impact of your economic activity on the world – and the impact of sustainability issues on your company and its supply chain (e.g., the impact of climate change on your supply chain).

Materiality assessment for renewable energy growth company as a kick-off for sustainability strategy development.

On this page we have compiled for you how we can assist you in conducting a CSR compliant materiality analysis.

Determine and improve the maturity level of your organisation

We determine to which extent your company, association, or city has integrated sustainability into its structures, processes and competence profiles in order to successfully deal with material issues, today and in the future. Normative, strategic, and operational.

Perform a free assessment yourself. To the Assessment

Analyzed and compared the organizational integration of decarbonization of nearly 60 companies in Germany, see our study here.

Sustainability Due Diligence (ESG DD)

Using a standardized, quantitative assessment methodology, we conduct due diligences (DD) on the sustainability performance of companies, potential M&A targets or investment/venturing candidates. We look at the core business contribution to society, the management of ESG risks along the supply chain and the organizational integration of sustainability.

Perform a free assessment yourself. To the Assessment

Supported Cadence Growth Capital to establish a robust ESG DD approach and performed ESG DDs on investment targets.

Understand and comply with EU sustainability legislation

We find out which current and prospective legislation is important and relevant for your company and which steps need to be taken and when, to become and remain compliant.
Created an organisation specific legislative review with deep dives for the legislation with highest sector relevance.

Shape your sustainability strategy.

strategische Nachhaltigkeit

Defining fields of action and setting targets

We translate your material issues into action areas. We turn your ambitions into create concrete targets and corresponding indicators (e.g., in the form of quantitative science-based climate target, or a set of indicators measuring occupational health and safety). 

Co-created sustainability strategy for a consumer goods company including formation and anchoring of 2030 targets for the environmental, social, and governance areas.

Setting up strategic programs and leading them to success

Together we define who needs to do what and when in order to achieve your sustainability ambitions. In doing so, we keep both commercial impact and company capabilities in mind. 

Defined strategic initiatives for a family office in order to further a portfolio company’s development along existing sustainability goals.

Evaluating the sustainability of business model, M&A and venturing decision

We make the sustainability impact of different strategic decisions comparable. In doing so, we evaluate the contribution to society, risks in the value chain and the integration of sustainability in the organization. 

Established a due diligence routine for investments, M&A and venturing of a mid-cap company in line with the sustainability strategy and founding principles.

Understanding and improving the sustainability of the current portfolio

We establish a pragmatic approach to comparably assess the sustainability of your products or services. Together we integrate this new capability into relevant processes e.g., in innovation management. Thereby, we enable you to set realistic goals for your portfolio, transform the portfolio to achieve them, and communicate goals as well as progress.

Developed an evaluation approach for a portfolio with more than 1,000 products. Drafted a proposal to integrate the approach into new product development. Involved and trained marketing & sales and research & development teams in the use of the tool.

Improve implementation of sustainability legislation to gain strategic advantages

We analyze your current legislative strategy and work together to take advantage of strategic opportunities from new policies and create a more impactful implementation.
We analyzed EU legislation and provided a structured overview of advantages stemming from early adoption.

Operationalize sustainability.

Operative Nachhaltigkeit

Turning purchasing into a sustainability driver

We integrate your sustainability priorities into routine purchasing decisions. E.g., harnessing raw material footprints, training staff, introducing a carbon shadow price or creating transparency on supply chain emissions.

Established a joint approach with a software company to create supply chain transparency with regards to CO2 emissions on the basis of real data. The entire process takes into account the respective climate strategy.

Using HR to close competency gaps in the organization.

We support you in making HR the driver of sustainability transformation. Together with HR, we identify leaders and teams critical to sustainability success, review their competency profiles, and identify cultural hurdles that make it difficult for them to implement sustainability on a day-to-day basis. We close competency gaps through customized training. Together with our partner Remotly we support overcoming cultural hurdles.

Conducted a training series on sustainability for owners and management of an industrial company (four half days + preparation and follow-up). Established a common understanding of sustainability and relevant topics.

Integrating sustainability into finance and controlling

We support the integration of non-financial key figures into finance and controlling and thus into the backbone of your company. For this purpose, we define key figures, propose process changes and (software) tools, and support internal coordination.

Designed a pilot project that tests the integration of relevant sustainability topics into investment controlling.


Ecologically Safe

Respect planetary boundaries and identify new business opportunities.

Ecologically safe business management should take the planetary boundaries for climate, biodiversity, land use, oceans and freshwater into account. Circular economy offers approaches to do so. Integrating circular economy approaches into business model and product innovation, for example, also helps identify new business opportunities. Setting science-based targets as well as integrating planetary boundaries into strategic and operational levels of management, helps to ensure that ecologically safe business practices are substantiated and ambitious goals rather than just empty promises.

Tap circular economy potential.

Kreislaufwirtschaft - Potenzial steckt in jedem Handy

Development of circular economy strategies

We identify opportunities to leverage the circular economy for the success of your business. This involves circular business models, circular products, and building circular capabilities and partnerships. Together, we assess the environmental and commercial impact of these opportunities for action, make a selection and define a roadmap for implementation.

Co-developed a circular economy strategy for a national government, including target setting and initiatives for high-impact sectors.

Development of new business models inspired by circular economy

We identify, evaluate and establish new circular economy business models with you. Alternatively, we further develop your existing business model. Together we design a profitable, scalable and ecologically effective response to real market needs. Starting points are e.g., the closing of material cycles or the extension of life cycles.

Developed the principles for a Circular Economy Industrial Zone.

Monetization concept for industrial symbiosis in line with circular economy principles.

Co-facilitated an ideation sprint to identify and evaluate circular economy inspired business opportunities for an industrial equipment manufacturer.
Philipp Buddemeier at Accenture

Development of circular products

We support you in the development of circular products. We identify factual and perceived sustainability advantages and disadvantages of product ideas. We accompany or lead the collection of initial feedback from the market on new product concepts. Based on market demand and regulation, we estimate the potential net environmental impact of new products in the market.

Evaluated the market potential for new circular products based on factual and perceived benefits. Prepared an innovation and market entry decision for a consumer goods company.

Evaluation of raw materials for the circular economy

We classify which raw material is fitting for your circular economy approach. We interpret results of existing Lifecycle Assessments (LCA) or suggest LCAs if needed. We review particularly critical aspects of raw material chains in depth and estimate the expected impact on product sustainability and in the market.

Estimated net sustainability impact of a new raw material in a target market for a consumer goods company. Modeled the substitution of other raw materials in specific market positions.

Development of systems for the circular economy

We work with you to determine which new capacities, partnerships or technologies are promising for achieving your goals. We accompany you through implementation, e.g., in the initiation, design and negotiation of partnerships.

Defined the principles of industrial symbiosis on a large scale. Established principles as a guideline for the design of an industrial zone.

Drive decarbonization.

Development of climate-neutral business models

We review your existing business models for their compliance with a 1.5° decarbonization pathway. In case of deviations, we improve or redevelop your business model. To do this, we take into account the entire value chain necessary for the functioning of your future business model.

Quantified the potential decarbonization contribution by digital solutions and the corresponding business opportunity for the digital industry for an industry association.

Philipp Buddemeier at Accenture

Development of climate neutral products

We support you in designing products that are in line with the 1.5°C target and your decarbonization pathway. To do this, we evaluate raw materials, logistics and production systems, as well as expected end of life scenarios.

Evaluated the impact of raw material choice on product environmental footprint, taking into consideration the expected displacement effects for a consumer goods company.

Development of climate strategies

We find the best way to make your company climate neutral. The best path is commercially successful and enables effective decarbonization. To do this, we identify and evaluate possible measures, define milestones, and jointly determine a detailed program for the next 12 months. In connection with your climate strategy, we also review the prerequisites for successful implementation and recommend supporting measures such as training.

Reviewed and improved the existing climate protection program for a growth company with a large scope 3 emissions share.

Co-facilitated an ideation sprint to identify and evaluate circular economy inspired business opportunities for an industrial equipment manufacturer.

Support for science-based climate targets

We support you in setting a science-based climate target according to the standards of the Science Based Targets Initiative SBTi. We consider all scopes (1, 2 and 3) and also check if and under which conditions the set target is really achievable for your company. This may also include a cost estimate (CAPEX / OPEX).

Reviewed and further developed a manufacturing company's science-based climate goal in light of business opportunities and regulatory developments.

Compared the climate ambitions of different e-commerce vendors and estimated their relative relevance for an online retailer. 

Development of energy strategies and programs

We accompany you in the establishment of a sustainable resilient energy supply. To do this, we review your current plans and propose a program of commercially viable and environmentally effective changes. In doing so, we consider the current market design, technology offerings, and price structure. Further, we work with concrete expectations of how regulation and technical options will change by 2030.

Evaluated and prepared regulatory scenarios for the future energy supply in the core markets of an energy-intensive company in order to support location decisions.

Impact analysis of raw materials, production methods and transport options on their climate performance

We review how the selection of certain raw materials, production technology, transport options or other business decisions affect the climate footprint of the overall company or products. In doing so, we involve your external partner companies (e.g., suppliers) if necessary and find solutions for missing data.

Einbindung der Rohstoffzulieferer in die Dekarbonisierungsstrategie eines deutschen Automobilherstellers.

* Sebastian Philipps und Philipp Buddemeier bei Accenture

Handling of carbon footprints

We support you in the correct handling of Carbon Footprints (climate footprints). We clarify where a carbon footprint makes sense and where it does not. We calculate specific footprints for you or help you find the right provider for standard calculations and classify results.

Created the personal footprint (climate + additional dimensions) for a business owner and provided recommendations for reduction measures.

Provided the interpretation of carbon footprints of raw materials for a consumer goods manufacturer in the context of market entry and innovation decisions.

Climate workshops for executives

We enable executives to recognize and realize their potential contribution to decarbonization. We create a common basis in content-related training courses. In our climate workshop, we identify gaps in climate management and jointly define an action program. To do this, we survey your company's executives via online questionnaires and interviews and compare your status quo in a workshop together against a qualified sample of almost 60 companies.

Implemented a training program with an in-depth module on climate and decarbonization for the owners and management of an energy-intensive company.

Protect water resources and ecosystems.

Kreislaufwirtschaft Schützt Ökosysteme

Improve water quality and quantity

We analyze your impact on water reservoirs along your value chain and identify areas where action is needed. We support you in setting water targets and jointly derive the essential improvement programs.

Contributed to science-based water target methodology for the Science-based Target Network.

Protect and promote biodiversity

We support you in making the topic of biodiversity tangible for your company. To do this, we create a common understanding of biodiversity, identify the most important interdependencies along your value chain, define a roadmap, and support communication.

Evaluated the environmental impact of new materials including the effect on water and biodiversity for a German mid-cap company.


Socially Just

Improvement for everyone affected along your value chain.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals provide guidance on the topic while the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) and other legal documents specify the due diligence requirements for companies. We not only analyze the implication of legal changes on your company but also support you in strengthening commitment, building competence, establishing processes and communicating your stance.

Take social responsibility.

Entlang der Wertschöpfungskette

Ensure compliance with human rights and labor standards throughout the supply chain.

We support you in meeting your due diligence obligations along the supply chain in accordance with the relevant legislation and in fulfilling this obligation in a value-creating manner. To this end, we identify relevant supply chain risks. We ensure that these risks and ways to influence them are known internally. In addition, we establish pragmatic processes for regular risk management reviews and mechanisms to respond consistently in the event of violations. We also review the findings of such risk analysis for their value in commercially relevant areas such as product innovation and communication.

Analyzed social risks and compiled an action list for a growth company to improve processes and us the finding in product innovation.

Ensure fair pay

We help you understand who you pay what throughout the supply chain and the effects of such payment levels. We support you in setting living wage targets. Together, we establish a grievance mechanism and define responses in the event of proven violations.

Examined external effects of different pay for temporary workers compared to permanent employees for a staffing and leasing company.

Ensure non-discrimination

We help you understand where and how discrimination can occur in your supply chain, set goals to prevent discrimination, ensure responses to violations and promote diversity and inclusion.

Reviewed the handling of discrimination in product innovation and distribution for an insurance company.

Protect health.


Foster health and well-being

We support you in becoming an attractive and safe supplier, employer and client. To do this, we identify relevant influences on health and well-being along your value chain, define meaningful goals, and derive an action plan to close gaps. This can include compliance aspects as well as impulses for product innovation and communication.

Reviewed the ambitions and identification of suitable indicators for occupational health and safety for a manufacturing company.

Integrated the topics of health and well-being into the evaluation approach for products of a consumer goods manufacturer.

Practice digital responsibility.

digitale Wertschöpfungskette

Take digital responsibility

Together, we define what corporate digital responsibility means in your company context and what action needs to be taken. To do this, we identify data-rich activities driven by digital technologies along your value chain and describe associated risks. Together with the responsible executives, we define guardrails for dealing with data and technologies (e.g., when using artificial intelligence) and derive a roadmap for closing gaps. We also make the findings usable for value-creating activities, e.g., in product development.

Reviewed the data use of a digital growth company. Provided suggestions for expanded data use in terms of the people providing it.


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remotly systematically and measurably shifts business areas with 20 to 100+ teams to new levels of purpose-orientation, empowerment, and sustainability competency in 3-9 months through remote team coaching on the job.

Why we work together:

Many people in large organizations want to act more sustainably. However, they often do not know how to translate this enthusiasm into daily decisions. Clear goals, guardrails, and incentive schemes help, but they need to go hand in hand with lasting enablement of teams and individuals. Together with Remotly, we offer this enablement in a way that avoids the common and often expensive “flash in the pan.” We deliver effective, cost-conscious, and thus scalable support.

About remotly:

remotly systematically and measurably shifts business areas with 20 to 100+ teams to new levels of purpose-orientation, empowerment, and sustainability competency in 3-9 months through remote team coaching on the job.