Challenging but great.
Starting your career at Better Earth.

My interim conclusion after eight months into my career at Better Earth: it’s challenging, but great. My work as an Earthling is challenging in the sense that every day, I’m faced with tasks for which there are no ready-made answers and I learn something new every day. At the same time, it’s great because I sense how I grow with each project, contributing more and taking on more responsibility. Of course, this is no coincidence.

Better Earth is a space for me to develop as an individual, but also for us to develop as a team

We enjoy a close working relationship, which is why we can learn a lot from each other and I certainly learn from others. In addition, there’s regular feedback, whether it’s appreciative feedback during our weekly debriefs or a “constructively critical” reflection of my work and our cooperation after each project. We also improve collaboration throughteam coaching, e.g., focusing on our reactions or needs during times of conflict - before conflicts arise.

One day a week to develop myself intensively

Every week I put one day aside to develop my skills and pursue my interests. Keeping this day free isn’t always easy, especially when I’m working on exciting projects that are still live. Nevertheless, it’s always worth investing this time in myself.

A coordinated learning program with the clear goal of becoming a Transformation Rockstar

Our learning program covers classic consulting skills, technical knowledge on the topics of the Circular Economy and decarbonization, and subjects that are currently of burning interest to our partners. This increasingly feeds into our curriculum to become a Transformation Rockstar.

Training budget to learn from true experts in their field

My training budget (both time and money) allows me to learn directly from people who are real experts in their field. So far, I have for instance learned about Product Carbon LCAs directly from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and about Design Thinking Darkhorse. And I’m looking forward to some intensive time on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation program on the Circular Economy, plus insights into financial acumen and business strategy at INSEAD.

Ongoing development to help our partners achieve their sustainability transformation goals

Moving forward as an individual isn’t just good for me. It also helps me support our partners with their sustainability transformation – in the best possible way, with maximum impact.

If you can totally identify with this, find out more here. We’re looking for people with a burning ambition to make the earth better and go above and beyond.